Do I need my own racket?

We can provide rackets free of charge upon request, though it is recommended that you purchase your own. We can help you choose the correct racket for you!


What is my standard?

Beginner: You are new to tennis or have the very basics covered. You struggle with rallying.

Intermediate: You have the ability to mix up your shots and can control points with moderate success. You can continue a modest rally from the baseline and are getting to grips with playing points. 

Advanced: You have a full arsenal of shots and know when to play them in order to dictate points. You can hit a first serve with pace and control your second serve. You may play for your clubs teams.

Can I just turn up to a group?

Yes. All groups are play and pay so there is no need to block book or pay in advance. I do recommend though that if its your first time to a group to get in touch first to make sure its the best group for you!

Do lessons happen throughout the winter?

Yes! All groups and lessons are on all year round (sometimes even in the snow!)

How can I pay?

You can pay for groups/lessons by cash or via bank transfer.

Account Name: T Honeywood

Account Number: 15609138

Sort Code: 01-01-23

What is the cancellation policy?

Lessons must be cancelled at least 24hrs prior, otherwise you may be charged the full lesson cost.