Strings deteriorate over time meaning that you're not getting the most out of your racket. 

You may notice​​​ one or more of the following

Lack of control

Less spin

The ball travelling further than you expect

Increased vibration


The general rule is that you get your racket restrung as many times you play a week in the year. 

So, if you play 3 times a week you get your racket restrung 3 times a year. 


If you cant remember the last restring


If it was more than 6 months ago


Polyester: What the majority of the pros use! A durable spin friendly string. Perfect for big hitters! 

Synthetic: An all rounder string. More suited for the recreational player or as part of a hybrid.

Natural gut: The softest most playable string. For those who want the best of the best!

Multifilament: A synthetic version of natural gut. For someone who wants control and touch from their racket.

Hybrid: A combination of any two strings. Usually a harder and softer string together.


High Tension: This will give you more control but with a stiffer feel. You will also get reduced durability.

Low Tension: This will give you more power and feel, but you sacrifice control.

Everyone will suit their own tension so please ask if you are unsure. 

  • All rackets are strung on a constant pull machine giving a more accurate tension throughout the string bed. 

  • Rackets are picked up at Hove Park. Rackets can also be collected and dropped off in the Brighton & Hove area for an additional £5. 

  • We aim to string and return all rackets within 48hrs of pick up. If you need a quicker turnaround then please let us know and we can usually accommodate that. 

  • Grips, overgrips and grommets can also be replaced at the time of stringing. For grommets we will need notice prior to picking up the racket so please contact in advance. 

All major string brands are stocked