Simple Shoulder Exercise to Help your Serve!

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Osteopath Natasha Khan, takes you through a shoulder exercise to strengthen the muscles around your scapula (shoulder blade) to help increase the height at which you can hit the ball but also your service speed.

Hitting a fast serve is always fun, some even strive to get to three digits (I'll film my serve for you one day) but what I find players gain most from this exercise, is the increased contact point height.

A higher contact point on the serve helps us in three main ways -

1) It improves consistency. I ask my players in lessons to get on their knees and try to serve from that position. They quickly realise that the higher they go the better they can 'see' into the service box. You have instantly given yourself a bigger target by being able to hit from a higher point.

2) It allows us to hit a greater angle out wide. Hitting a wider serve moves the player off the court, this means we can move them out of the centre and attack the opposite side with your first groundstroke. Also hitting a wider serve increases our chance of an ACE!

3) It increases the height of the bounce for your opponent. Simply, would you rather return the ball at hip or head height! I know which one i'd choose!

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Tom Honeywood, Tennis Coach

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